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Your partner for solutions made of fused silica

proQuarz GmbH is based in Mainz, with production locations in Germany and representative offices, sales offices and production partnerships in Europe, USA and Asia, and is a family-owned manufacturing and trading company active worldwide in the field of quartz glass technology.

In the year 2010, proQuarz GmbH took over the direct company succession of the long-established firm of QTW GmbH Langenlonsheim, whose specialist expertise, 

flexibility and quality in the area of quartz glass processing was known far and wide.

proQuarz is building on this expertise, and supplementing it with the extensive experience in glass/metal connection technologies gained from the many years of working with Günther H. Peschl, head of the department KPG/KPV (Precision glass & KPG stirrers) of company Schott in Mainz.