Services and capabilities

Quartz glass repair and service works

Quartz glass products are expensive in general.

For this reason, a repair is often a good alternative instead of buying it new.

Repairing - or new?


We are able to answer this question after inspecting the damaged equipment or part.

You will receive a quick quote and any appropriate observations regarding the profitability of a repair service.



Extend the useful life time of your quartz glass apparatures by using a regular service.

We are able to carry out a regular service to your equipment - including cleaning (removal of product build-up on the surfaces), renewing of sealings and removal of scratches by fire polishing.

Ask us - we will be happy to work out a advantageous quotation.


Reparatur, Instandsetzung von Quarzglas Geräten Reparatur, Instandsetzung von Quarzglas Apparaten Reparatur, Instandsetzung von Quarzglas Objekten