Quartz glass technology for your advantage

Quartz glass for laboratory, medical- and industrial applications

As one of the few specialised manufacturers in the processing of quartz glass in Germany, the proQuarz GmbH manufactures high-quality and sophisticated solutions of silica glass in the own manufacturing facility in Mainz. Quality "Made in Germany".

Quarzglas Apparatebau

Apparatus engineering

  • Ready to use modules
  • Cooler
  • Double wall tubes
  • Agitators
  • Reactor vessels
  • Equipment for oven technology
  • ...
Quarzglas Kleinserien

Small volume production

  • Lamp bodies
  • Calorimeter bowls
  • Combustion tubes
  • Immersion tubes
  • Boats
  • Grafter for oven technology
  • ...
Quarzglas Reparaturen


  • Repair services
  • Regeneration services
  • HF cleaning
  • Stress-relief treatment
  • Evacuate service
  • ...

Quarzglas Labor Lieferprogramm

Quartz glass labware

  • Crucibles
  • Incineration crucibles
  • Boats
  • Sample tubes
  • Evaporating basins
  • Beaker
  • Rod-type heaters
  • ...
Quarzglas Fertigbauteile Lieferprogramm

Prefabricated parts

  • Connection parts
  • Ground joint connections
  • Spherical joint connections
  • Threaded tubes
  • ...
Quarzglas Halbzeuge Lieferprogramm

Semi-finished parts

  • Quartz tubes
  • Quartz rods
  • Quartz plates
  • Quartz wool
  • ...

With our expertise in the processing of quartz glass, quartz glass/metal bonding techniques, welding and classical quartz glass processing methods, we are your partner when it comes to the unique material quartz glass.