Quarz glass apparatures engineering

As individual as your application

In laboratory, medical technology and industry, there is a high need for specialized equipment, structures, individual reaction vessels and other manufacturing-, research- and analysis-tools. We are specialized in the production of special equipment made of quartz glass according to your drawing and/or sketch.

Modern manufacturing facilities with sophisticated grinding and cutting technology, water jet cutting machines, HF acid cleaning and surface treatment as well as our experience and skill in the quartz glass manufactuing provide excellent results in the field of quartz glass apparatures and engineering.

For our customers, we have already implemented many solutions - and we are happy to receive to your challenging enquiry!

Product examples:

Quarzglas Baugruppe
Prefabricated parts

Quarzglas Kühler

Quarzglas Doppelwandrohre
Double wall tubes

Quarzglas Rührer

Quarzglas Reaktoren
Reactor vessels and components

Quarzglas Ofentechnik
Parts for oven technology